Are you struggling with complying with the EPR 5.07 – Clinical Waste guidance?

The EPR 5.07 applies to all waste management facilities that are permitted to accept clinical waste.

Albion Environmental Ltd has a dedicated team of qualified trainers and expert Consultants with experience on healthcare waste management. We have been providing support to many NHS Trusts across Scotland which includes the delivery of comprehensive site audits as required.

Under the EPR 5.07, On Site Waste Acceptance procedures are required on the following conditions: ‘’when the permit holder is also the carrier and collect the waste from producer’s premises, the waste acceptance stage can start when the waste is collected, otherwise commence the procedure when the waste arrives at the site’’.

If you are a permit holder handling healthcare waste and need some support with this audit, we have prepared a simple guide which covers the main points required by the On-Site Acceptance Procedure – Stage 2.  These should help you to cover the key requirements of the EPR 5.07 guidance.