Albion’s ABC’s of Waste Management – L

L      Landfill Monitoring

Disposing of waste to landfill has been the traditional means of disposal in the UK for many years. This method of disposal generates products from the decomposition process,  Landfill Gas (mainly a mix of carbon dioxide and methane) and Leachate.  Both of these products require to be managed in order to prevent odour, litter, pest infestations and pollution risks to the general environment.  Landfill Monitoring should cover the below:

  • Meet the requirements of legislation, such as the Waste Mangement Licensing Regulations 1994, The Landfill (Scotland) Regulations 2003 and the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regualtions 2000, the Groundwater Regulations 1998 and Control of Pollution Act 1974
  • Demonstrate that the landfill is performing as designed
  • Provide reassurance that leachate controls are preventing pollution of the environment
  • Indicate where further investigation is required and, where risks are unacceptable, the need for measures to prevent, reduce or remove pollution by leachate
  • Identify when a site no longer presents a significant risk of pollution or harm to human health








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