Albion’s ABC’s of Waste Management – K

K      Kerbside Collection

Kerbside collection is a service provided usually by Local Authorities in which household waste is uplifted and taken for recycling, reuse or disposal. Kerbside waste collections are usually split into categories to encourage recycling and extract maximum value from the resources, for example you may have one bin for general waste, one bin for paper and another for food waste. However this differs from one Local Authority to another. South Ayrshire Council use a Multi Bin system consisting of the following:

  • A green bin for unsorted general refuse
  • A blue bin for papers, magazines, glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, plastics and cardboard
  • A brown bin for organic garden waste
  • A food waste caddy for food waste

The resources collected are often sent to various off takers such as composting or anaerobic digestion plants, however, some may still go to Landfill. Contamination can often be an issue with Kerbside Collection as the waste may have been separated incorrectly by the household.  Authorities take measures to try to prevent this from happening by educating the public on what should and should not go in their different bins and contaminated bins receive a sticker to ensure the householder is aware of the contamination. Despite this, Authorities still find themselves with persistent contaminators who may receive a visit from a Waste Officer and risk the possibility of a fixed penalty.

Refuse Collection