Continuing Competence - Mock Tests

This test has been set up to “mirror” the Continuing Competence scheme as set up by CIWM and WAMITAB.

The test will comprise of 20 questions for the generic part (covering legislation, health & safety and environment protection) and a further 6 questions for the activity specific elements/options, depending on how many are chosen. The 'test time' allowed will be 30 minutes for the generic section and 10 minutes for each option.

How will I know if I have been successful?

Candidates will need to correctly answer a minimum of 50% of the questions in the generic section and 50% of the questions in each option(s) chosen, and achieve an overall pass mark of 65%
You will receive online notification of –

· The time taken to complete test

· The questions you got wrong

· Whether you passed or failed the test.

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Disclaimer – This test has been prepared by experienced Waste Management assessors with the intention of providing a revision opportunity for candidates. We have no access to official CIWM / WAMITAB question bank and therefore provide no guarantee that the questions posed are in any way similar to the official question paper. We may contact you with information we think may be relevant but won't share your details with any other organisation.

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Planning Permission
Planning Permission Appeals
Waste Management Licence Application/Modification
Waste Management Licence Exemptions
WAMITAB Training and Assessment
Grants and Support Funding
Key Services
COTC Cover
Environmental Monitoring
Temporary Site Management
Waste Management Tenders
List of Awards
Assessment Process
Introduction to Waste Management Course
WAMITAB/CIWM Continuing Competence Test
Continuing Competence Mock Tests
Intro to waste management legislation
Civic Amenity/Household Re-cycling Centre Operators Course
CIWM Waste Awareness Course
WML Operators Course
IOSH Working Safely Course
IOSH Managing Safely Course
HSE Recognised Appointed Persons/Emergency First Aid (1 Day)
Risk Assessment
COSHH Awareness
Fire Awareness (1/2 Day)
Fire Warden (1/2 Day)
Fire Warden (1 Day)
Abrasive Wheels
Basic Chainsaw Safety (Restricted Use)
H&S Consultancy
Train the Trainer Course
A Units
Business Coaching